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Membership in the Dyke Uniform Corps

Full Member:


Any woman regardless of level of experience or time in the Kink Community or sexual preference, and is at least

 21 years of age, may apply for Full Member status in the Dyke Uniform Corps. The D.U.C. is a trans-inclusive organization,

and accepts applications from all self-identified women (regardless of sexual preference), as well as non-binary,

genderqueer and transmasculine people who feel that their home is in the women’s community.

You will be assigned to one of four Battalions based on your location: Eastern USA, Central USA, Western USA, International.

Full Members in the Dyke Uniform Corps become part of a powerful cadre of women in uniform. They are entitled to a number of benefits, including the wearing of the coveted D.U.C. Uniform. Dyke Uniform Corps members stand out in a crowd and wear their uniforms correctly and with pride. The D.U.C. sponsors and attends events at which its members share in a bond of camaraderie and common interest in uniforms. You will be provided with resources and personalized assistance in researching and obtaining your personal military and/or law enforcement uniforms. Annual dues are $30. There is a one-time initial Recruit Fee to cover costs.

Becoming a full member is easy.  Once a Membership Application is filed and approved, your initial membership status in the D.U.C. is that of a Recruit (Pledge).  You will be a Recruit for a minimum of three months, during which time you will meet the members of the D.U.C.,  learn about the organization and obtain your full D.U.C. Member Uniform and a Military, Law Enforcement or Emergency Response Personnel Uniform of your choice.  Once you have completed the Recruit period, you will be welcomed as a full member.

Associate Member:
                          Uniform groupies and admirers will receive a small D.U.C. colors patch, receive a 10% discount at D.U.C. sponsored events, and

                          be allowed to drool near D.U.C. members in uniform (but not ON them!). Associate membership is open to all.

                          Dues are $15 annually.

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