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The Dyke Uniform Corps was founded in April, 1998 by four founding members, known as the General Officers: Gunner, Kane, Blade and Tomo. At that time, the uniform clubs in existence allowed only men to join.  Believing there was a need to be filled, these four long time members of the Leather Community used their extensive non-profit leadership experience, came together in South Texas and created the D.U.C.   The D.U.C. experienced an immediate growth of membership.  As years pass, it is common for organizations to hit a lull and the D.U.C. was not immune.


In 2008, Founding Member Tomo, re-visited the original mission statement, membership requirements and goals of the D.U.C.  Joined by the new leadership "Cadre" Sir Cougar and Levi, they made changes to create a more inclusive and welcoming presence.  These changes were more in line with the original mission statement which is to honor uniforms and enjoy wearing them.

Today, the D.U.C. continues to be out and about at events around the United States and Canada and welcomes members from many locations.   If you enjoy wearing uniforms, enjoy camaraderie and friendship - we invite you to join us.  

The shield symbolizes the protective quality and strength of a unified group. The lightening bolt within the shield represents power; the knife represents precision. The red, black, and blue colors are drawn from the leather pride flag colors to honor the leather community.


The motto of the D.U.C. is “Honor, Integrity and Discipline.”

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