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Do I have to be in or have been in the military to join?
No! We welcome active and former members of the military and law enforcement agencies. They bring a wealth of knowledge with them to the D.U.C. You need not have served to join.

What kind of 'Dyke' are you talking about? Do I count?
The D.U.C. is a trans-inclusive organization, and accepts applications from all self-identified women (regardless of sexual preference), as well as non-binary, genderqueer and transmasculine people who feel that their home is in the women’s community.

What if I don't have any uniforms and don't know how to get one?
That is OK! Part of the mission of the D.U.C. is to provide education. We'll teach you what the options are, help you find what you like, and then show you where to get it.

What if I already have uniforms?
That's great and makes the path to full membership even easier.

Does it cost a lot?
No. The D.U.C. Recruit and Member uniforms were designed to be inexpensive so that no person is excluded because of cost. The one military or law enforcement uniform required for membership can be chosen from low cost options as well. Initial membership dues are $150 because that fee includes several items that we purchase for you. After that, annual membership dues are $25 per year.

I am former military. Will I be expected to wear those uniforms?
That is entirely up to you. We recognize that this is first of all against military regulations and secondly that you might have feelings about it. Typically active and former military wear other uniforms, not their own service uniforms.

I am new to BDSM. Am I welcome?
Yes. We have many experienced BDSM folk in the D.U.C. Although the role of the D.U.C. is not to provide a BDSM education, you'll find friendly people to hang out with and learn from.

Okay, I am a Top. What is with this Recruit thing?
A Recruit in the D.U.C. just means a new probationary member. The Recruit period in the D.U.C. parallels a pledge period, which is typical in many leather clubs. The purpose of the Recruit period is to give the new member a chance to learn about the D.U.C. and become familiar with our members as well as the D.U.C. getting to know you. During this period, you will put together your D.U.C. Recruit uniform, D.U.C. Full Member uniform, and one military or law enforcement uniform. Your identification within our community is respected.

Is there hazing?
NO! However, if you were disappointed by that answer, there are plenty of D.U.C. members who will negotiate a hazing scene in either direction with you privately.

Is the focus on uniforms or military protocol?
The focus of the D.U.C. per our mission statement is “…to share a common interest in the wearing of military and law enforcement uniforms within the S/M, leather and fetish communities.” While we do conduct ourselves with honor and respect to all members of our community, we do not practice formal military protocol.

Is the D.U.C. located where I live?
The D.U.C. is an international organization with members in the U.S. and Canada. We have three regional Battalions (Chapters) which are led by D.U.C. Members: Western/International Battalion, Central Battalion, and Eastern Battalion. Based on location, members become a part of the appropriate regional Battalion. The D.U.C. shares social time at Battalion sponsored events and small and large leather events across the country. There is bound to be an event near you that D.U.C. members are attending. When we are at an event, we coordinate social events, communicate uniform wear, and hang out together. It is an incredible feeling to walk into a room as a group in uniform! Click Upcoming Events for more information.

How do I get a membership application and more information?
Send an email to or click here.

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